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Just watched the #GhostBusters in the theaters today. These guys were dressed up for the event and even brought a car that had the signature sound effect and all. Awesome work!

Nice pictures from the road trip to Disney World recently.

And here’s a 360° panorama:

This sushi place I discovered at the Orange Park Mall is amazing!
I especially liked the “Happy Ending” roll, which is tempura battered Oreo with cream cheese, drizzled with chocolate sauce. @kenyru has also separately, discovered how great it is!

Here’s a panorama of the view from the SkyLine Cafe I had lunch at recently in downtown Jacksonville. It’s a great place to eat.




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Closeup of a bird looking at it’s reflection in the window.

Closeup of a bird looking at it’s reflection in the window.

Life is a game.

Today, I came to an interesting outlook on day to day life and how it progresses.

Pretend life is an RPG video game. Each day is like a region or stage on the map, where you go about accomplishing enough or gathering resources until you are satisfied and are ready to move on to another section.
That’s the point in the (hopefully) night when you decide you’re done here and let this day end, and go to bed.

Sleep is like the loading screen for your brain, saving your progress so far and whisking you forward to the next day; the new level with a fresh new set of challenges and battles and (if you’re lucky) loot.

(Bonus: some such loading screens have interesting cute minigames to keep you entertained while you wait, called dreams!)

The Jax Arcade Expo at UNF was fun this weekend!

Can you tell what’s wrong in this picture?

Can you tell what’s wrong in this picture?

Wall Climb at the carnival